Monday, September 28, 2015

Moses Goold Beal, 7th cousin, 4 times removed

Born 11 November 1821 in Andover, Oxford County, Maine.

Died February 15, 1890 in Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine.

Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greene Corner, Androscoggin County, Maine.

Son of Stephen Beal and Charlotte Coombs Goold.

Married Rachel Cushing on December 11, 1842 in Maine.

Married Sarah Ames on April 20, 1845 in Maine.

Children: Jarvis Thayer, Jennie Arvilla, Henrietta, Georgianna, Herbert M., Francisco G., Stephen and Ella L.

Married Lovina Pickens on November 21, 1861 in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine.

Children: Fred, Georgia, Ortez, Nettie, Lila and Moses Evans.

Photo via Charles Lewis Beal

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